Occupational performance factors perceived to influence the readmission of mental health care users diagnosed with schizophrenia

Rulaine Smith, Patricia De Witt, Denise Franzsen, Michelle Pilley, Nadine Wolfe, Carrie Davies



Schizophrenia is a complex disorder due to the range of deficits that mental health care users (MHCUs) present with. In addition, the high rate of relapse and readmission in clients diagnosed with schizophrenia complicates the effective management of the condition. Medical factors have been evidenced to affect relapse and readmission rates however limited data exists regarding the influence of occupational performance factors.  Hence the aim of this study was to determine which occupational performance factors are perceived to affect the readmission of MHCUs diagnosed with schizophrenia. A descriptive, cross-sectional quantitative design with qualitative elements was conducted. Card sorting was implemented in two phases to a conveniently sampled population of occupational therapists and MHCUs diagnosed with schizophrenia. Data were analysed by means of descriptive statistics.  It was found that social participation was perceived to be the most influential factor in the readmission of MHCUs diagnosed with schizophrenia.   In conclusion, both medical and occupational performance factors affect readmission rates of MHCUs diagnosed with schizophrenia. Therefore to implement a client centred approach in occupational therapy, therapists may need to reconsider the priorities they address in treatment.

Key words: occupational performance, readmission, schizophrenia

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