Developing a report writing protocol for occupational therapy vocational rehabilitation services in Gauteng public healthcare through action research

Hester Maria van Biljon, Daleen Casteleijn, Sanetta H.J. du Toit


A vocational rehabilitation interest group of occupational therapists in the public healthcare sector of Gauteng, South Africa, identified the writing of reports as a practice problem.  Supported by a PhD candidate, they developed a report writing protocol with report templates, using action research as methodology.  

Collaborative steps, as part of an action research inquiry were taken to compile a concept report writing protocol and report templates. The concept protocol and templates were implemented in public healthcare vocational rehabilitation services. Critical reflection and feedback on the trial applications took place to refine the protocol. The protocol consisted of a cover letter, background information, legal and ethical considerations for reports, a step by step report writing guide including handy tips, report writing templates, and a guiding checklist. It concluded with a request for feedback from users, an undertaking for annual revision and suggested readings and skills training. Selected experts reviewed and critically appraised the final version. Dissemination of the final report writing protocol and templates was done through public healthcare forums, the annual vocational rehabilitation orientation workshop for occupational therapists entering public healthcare

Keywords:  occupational therapy report writing, vocational rehabilitation, public healthcare, action research


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