A Developmental Approach: A framework for the Development of an Integrated Visual Perception Programme

Elizabeth Daphne Vlok, Neeltje Smit, Juanita Bester


This article provides guidelines for an occupational therapy framework that can be used to develop a visual perceptual programme to enhance/stimulate the development of visual perceptual skills.   The developmental approach was used to organize the framework for an integrated visual perceptual programme (IVPP) including cognitive strategies, visual perceptual abilities and the visual system.

The IVPP was developed and based on experience from practice and used in a clinical experimental field trial study aimed at the investigation of the effect of ocular motor exercises in combination with a visual perceptual programme on the visual perception of seven-year-old learners with possible visual perceptual problems.  Feedback on academic performances was obtained from the teachers indicating improvement in maths, reading, writing and work speed; changes in attitude of daring, perseverance, confidence and motivated behaviour. Examples of practice will be included to demonstrate how the guidelines and approaches were used.

An increasing tendency for learners to experience problems performing academic tasks because of visual perceptual problems, are referred to occupational therapists.  The IVPP can be used to optimize occupational performances in academic tasks. 

 \Key words: Visual perceptual skills; eye movements and vision; integrated visual perceptual programme; developmental approach; academic performances; occupational therapy; framework.


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