An audit of attendance at occupational therapy by long-term psychiatric in-patients at Weskoppies Hospital

Christa Kruger, Ronel van der Westhuizen


Objectives: Although the value of occupational therapy (OT) in psychiatric rehabilitation is indisputable, little is known about the range of OT interventions attended by long-term in-patient populations. The aim of this study was to gather baseline information on which of the various OT interventions were attended the most frequently.

Methods: This study presents an audit of OT offered to 264 long-term in-patients at Weskoppies Hospital over eight months. The in-patients’ attendance at various OT interventions was used to identify their patterns and frequency of participation.

Results: The most frequently attended OT interventions were (descending): Group OT in the OT department (high-functioning women); industrial therapy (men); woodwork-and-upholstery (men); group OT in the wards (low-functioning men); and clerical therapy (high-functioning patients). On the whole, attendance at OT was low.

Conclusions: The current OT profile favours high-functioning and male patients. Low-functioning-female patients are neglected. Future OT efforts should focus on low-functioning long-term in-patients, particularly low-functioning-female patients.

Key words: Occupational therapy, attendance at -, rehabilitation, long-term psychiatric in-patients

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